about me

Hello. I’m Jenefer.
I have sort of an ADD way of talking about myself so bare with me. . . I am a hot mess, trying to be a put together mess, all saved by amazing grace.
First thing I want people to know about me is I love Jesus, and my prayer is I can point people to Him through my daily life.
The next most important things in my life are my handsomely rugged and bearded husband, and my children; 3 boys and a little girl due early 2018. I am incredibly blessed to be able to call my husband mine and love doing life with him. There is nothing I ever wanted more than to be a wife and a mother. No matter how hard, crazy, beautiful, loud, or chaotic life can be, I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I am blessed beyond belief.  This life is far better than anything I ever could have dreamed.
I love reading.  I have a buying problem when it comes to books. I tell ya Amazon Prime is the most amazing thing EVER!! I love cooking and eating. Pizza, Italian, and Mexican foods are my absolute favorite. I could seriously live on those three types of food. I can’t help myself around chocolate covered cherries at Christmas time, and will eat the entire box. I am a huge snacker, constantly munching on crackers, trail mix, or beef jerky, and I strangely LOVE stale popcorn. I am a coffee-aholic, but have a deep love for a good earthy tea as well.  I also really enjoy a good crisp white wine, or a really cold hoppy IPA. I love cranberry juice, but prefer to drink it hot.  I have an odd ball personality and sort of a dry sarcastic sense of humor.  I am a creature of habit so I watch and rewatch NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy. I have a soft spot for tattoo’s and piercings and wish I had more of them.
Fall is my favorite season, but I don’t like Football.  I love crackling fires, warm blankets, wool socks, wool hats, hot cider, and cuddling with my boys while soaking in the changing landscape.  I prefer cool weather and don’t really like the heat, the best things about spring/summer are blossoming flowers, farmers markets, Baseball, which of course means hot-dogs and beer!  I’m always cold so naturally, I love sweaters, all kinds of sweaters, but seriously love a good chunky cardigan or a uniquely patterned old man sweater, and I own far to many.
I love thrifting and would prefer to buy things second hand. I have an odd decorating style when it comes to my home, it’s sort of an eclectic combination of a few decorating styles. I strive to bring nature indoors with natural textures and colors. I feel that my home is my families sanctuary and it should be as comfortable, cozy, and livable as possible.  I decorate with what feels good to me, it’s not always what looks the best. The best decorating advice I ever received was “if you absolutely love it, it will go”.  I would consider my decorating style to be eclectic, industrial, modern, Scandinavian, boho, farmhouse. Wow. . .  that is a mouthful and totally not a real thing! My style is one of a kind and fits my lifestyle and my family well, and that to me is all that matters.


I cannot wait to share more of myself and this beautiful life with all of you.



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